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Our mission is to improve quality patient outcomes through innovative diagnostic methods.

LabTest.bio is a premier provider of comprehensive laboratory services, specializing in delivering accurate and reliable diagnostic solutions. With a strong commitment to excellence, their state-of-the-art laboratories utilize advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure precise testing results. LabTest.bio offers a wide range of molecular diagnostic services for infectious disease testing. Their dedicated team of laboratory professionals upholds the highest quality standards, providing dependable and actionable information to healthcare providers and patients. By partnering with LabTest.bio, healthcare professionals gain access to the essential tools needed to make well-informed decisions, personalize treatments, and enhance patient outcomes. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction, LabTest.bio stands as the trusted laboratory partner for healthcare providers across diverse specialties.  
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As a physician, accurate and timely diagnoses are crucial for providing optimal patient care. At Labtest.bio, we understand this critical need and are committed to being your trusted partner in molecular diagnostics.
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Here’s why you should choose us:

Rapid turnaround times: Our high-complexity lab utilizes advanced technology to deliver results significantly faster than industry standards. This means quicker diagnoses, swifter treatment decisions, and improved patient outcomes.

Extensive test menu: We offer a comprehensive range of tests, including customizable panels, to tailor your diagnostic needs precisely. This allows you to rule out multiple possibilities efficiently and get the most relevant information for each patient.

Unwavering reliability: Our team of certified professionals adheres to the strictest quality standards, ensuring the accuracy and dependability of every test result. You can be confident in the data you receive, enabling you to make informed decisions with peace of mind.

Open communication: We believe in fostering strong partnerships with physicians. Our dedicated support team is always available to answer your questions, discuss complex cases, and provide ongoing guidance.

Commitment to innovation: We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology and stay updated on the latest advancements in molecular diagnostics. This ensures you have access to the most accurate and effective testing options available.

By choosing Labtest.bio, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to supporting your practice and ultimately, improving patient care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower you to deliver exceptional healthcare.

The 24 hour turnaround time has been the #1 priority for the Labtest Bio’s’ team. That has only been achieved through utilizing their novel molecular diagnostic proprietary ProAmpHT Isothermal Amplification – an innovative, rapid, and cost-effective alternative to PCR.

With the sky being the limit, Labtest Bio now offers an extensive line of diagnostic panels to improve quality patient outcomes through innovative diagnostic methods.

To learn more about these panels and how we can improve the quality of your patient’s outcomes, contact us today!

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Core Values

Competitive – We are confident in all that we do and approach every situation with persistence and determination until we reach your goals.

Commitment – We are committed to the cause of healthcare and serving others.

Communication – We value open communication with our customers to provide authentic and dynamic service.

Ownership – We take ownership in our work, attitudes and integrity. We are rooted on the foundation of doing what is right for our customers.