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Labtest.Bio is a high complexity, molecular diagnostics reference laboratory that specializes in rapid , reliable clinical diagnostic services for infectious disease.

Integrity is at the core of all we do, so we strive to serve our communities with the highest quality while maintaining a standard of safety.  Our patient-focused processes are designed to create a positive impact in the diagnostic healthcare field.

Our team of certified laboratory professionals have one goal in mind: improve patient outcomes with efficiency, reliability and open communication.

Test Menus

Our fully customizable assay panels allow physicians to rapidly diagnose a variety of the most common pathogens in half the time compared to other labs.


Candidiasis Targets

Icon for Vaginitis-Vaginosis Panel

Vaginitis Targets

Icon for Gastrointestinal Panel

C. diff Targets

Icon for UTI and Wound Panel

UTI Targets

wound infection icon

Wound Infection Targets

Icon for Antibiotic Resistance Panel

Antibiotic Resistance Targets

Icon for Gastrointestinal Panel

Gastrointestinal (GI) Targets

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Respiratory Targets

Icon for Nail Fungus Panel

Nail Fungus Targets


STI Targets

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Ordering & Resulting is easy and intuitive when integrated with Pro LIMS HIPAA compliant lab software.


  • CLIA 45D2182351
  • COLA Accredited
  • ISO 1345:2016

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Labtest Bio provides a complete and dedicated NAAT Program, which provides fast, reliable, secure results.